Snack & Mealtimes

Snack Bar

Children can access the snack bar at any point during the main session for a drink of milk or water and some fruit. Children enjoy helping to organise the room and prepare snacks for their friends.  Sitting at the snack table with an adult and other children is an important learning experience and a social occasion. It promotes opportunities to chat with their friends and adults.

We ask families to support our snack time by bringing in one piece of fruit each week to add to our fruit bowl. This enables us to provide a greater variety of healthy snacks for the children to try.

Meal Times

Our children love the food that is prepared by our cook. It’s a time where they are sharing food with their friends and they are often very willing to try new foods or foods that they have previously dismissed.

If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, please make sure we have all the information we need during their induction.


Please see below for a link to our current Spring/Summer 2016 menu:

Spring/Summer Menu 2016