What to Wear

Playing can be a very messy business!  Please dress your child in clothes that are appropriate for their session.

We have a large range of sensory experiences on offer for our children (children do wear aprons, but accidents can happen).  Learning outdoors also plays an important part in early learning. Only very wet weather keeps us in! All children need a coat and appropriate, sturdy footwear (and wellies in winter). Closed-in shoes – such as trainers – will protect feet whilst climbing, digging or riding a bike. Please remember to put your child’s name in their coat and also in any other clothing that they’re likely to take off.  Additionally, your child will need a clearly labelled, suitable bag (not a carrier bag) with a number of changes of clothes in, all appropriate for ‘Messy Play’.

It would be useful if you could encourage your children to dress and undress even though it will take a little longer… especially taking off their coats, hanging them up  or putting them back on.

We do have a limited supply of wetsuits and wellies for the children to use but if your child gets wet playing in the water or has an accident when going to the toilet, a member of staff will change them.

On sunny days, Early Years Care will provide a high factor sun cream (please see your keyperson for which brand we are currently using). We do have a selection of sun hats for your child to wear when playing outside,  however they may prefer to bring their own.

We also have a supply of spare EYC  clothes, so if your child needs to be changed for any reason, we would appreciate that the clothes are returned to us as soon as possible.

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