The induction process is a time for us to get to know you and your child. This may be the first time that there has been a separation between you and your child and it is an important step for future separations, such as the start of primary school. We hope to make it as positive and relaxed as possible.

Once you have secured your place, we will offer you a minimum of 3 visits. These visits will help your child to settle in.

First visit – we ask you to come along and spend time in the room with your child and have an in-depth conversation with your keyperson. This is a time to begin to build a relationship with your keyworker and the other staff who are allocated to the room.

Second visit – we ask you to come and settle your child in to the room before we sit together to complete relevant paperwork. We ask you to bring all of your emergency contact details, plus any other additional information we may require. At this time we will go through some of the main policies and procedures. This will help you to get to know the centre in more detail.

Third visit – you bring your child for an independent mealtime visit.

If you or your child need any additional visits then we can arrange this.

Settling in is a very individual process. Please feel free to discuss your child’s needs or any concerns with your child’s keyworker.

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