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  1. aimi greaves

    Just wanted to say a big thank you. Lewis has only been at nursery for few weeks now. But he is loving it so much. And especially getting to meet a paramedic yesterday and sitting in an ambulance. I can’t tell you how much that means to me after all he has been through with treatments and how scared he gets even going into a hospital now. Seeing him smile so much being in an ambulance and talking so enthusiastic about it. It just nearly brought me to happy tears. He’s loving all he’s learning at nursery and I couldn’t be more pleased and thankful for all you’ve already done for him. 😊

  2. Office


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  3. Natasha walton

    A wonderful friendly environment, both my children attending nursery here and they loved it. Not a bad word can be said about whitegate, all the staff are very pleasant and cannot do enough to help you, they always go above and beyond to help you. It was a pleasure to have my children attend whitegate nursery

  4. office

    Comment from a parent:

    “My son started preschool at whitegate in Sept 2015, previously he went to a private nursery. I wanted to move him so that he would be more prepared for school as he will be only turned 4 when he goes next year.
    I was nervous about the change for him, but within 2 weeks my son gave me the confidence it was the best decision that I’d made, he loves it! Within 8 weeks he knows all his shapes, animals, counts to 20, sings nursery rhymes, talks in sentences using incredible words and has made great friends. I can’t be happier, it’s all down to the amazing staff who are welcoming, supportive in giving him confidence, also fantastic facilities with 1st class stimulation and variety. Couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend to any parent!”

    Source: Whitegate Facebook Page

  5. Ange

    Comment from EYC parent:

    “Since you did the ‘Nursery Rhyme Challenge’, my son is really interested in nursery rhymes. He has a book and loves to sing along.”

    Source: Governors’ Annual Report to Parents (Review of the Year 2014-15).

  6. Ange

    Comment from Nursery School parent:

    “We appreciate everything this nursery has done for our son. We are happy to leave him in the safe hands of this nursery. Our son has always been valued and staff have treasured his personality. The progress our son has made is overwhelming. A huge thanks to all the staff. Great nursery. I would highly recommend.”

    Source: The Governors’ Annual Report to Parents (Review of the Year 2014-15)

  7. Ange

    Comment from parent accessing Outreach services:

    “Family Support has helped me grow in confidence. I no longer hide away at home. I get up and get out of the house with Leo more. I don’t think Leo would be in his own room without the plan of support.”

    Source: Governors’ Annual Report to Parents (Review of Year 2014-15).

  8. Miss N

    “I used to go to this nursery and I still remember all of the memories; my little brother also went there and it helped him in his school life xxx”
    Miss N

  9. Mrs M

    “Brilliant centre, fantastic staff, my 10 year old loved going here, my 4 year old is due to leave this July and loves it and I’ve got my 22 month old on the list to go. I would never choose anywhere else to send my children!!”

  10. Mrs W

    “Wonderful children’s centre and awesome staff. Both my children and my step-daughters have attended the nursery school and I will be quite upset when my daughter leaves to start school in September.”

    16 June 2014 Mrs W

  11. Samantha Parkinson

    “When my daughter reached the age of 2 I was dreading her leaving me for nursery school as she has a speech imparment and was no where near potty trained. I picked Whitegate Nursery after looking round a few because i recieved such a warm welcome and felt safe. When my daughter started I was extremely impressed with all the nursery teachers and how they helped my daughter develop…”

  12. Parent

    The Open Evening was really informative. Thanks.

  13. Gemma

    My husband attended the Generations Group. He thought it was fantastic!! Thanks very much!

  14. Julie

    Really like the posts – they act as a great reminder.

  15. Pete Williams

    Fantastic new website with loads of information.

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