Forest Class walk to the Garden Centre

To get to the garden centre firstly we had to catch a bus – this was very exciting!














Then we had a long walk but it was beautiful – there was so much to see along the way














We made it! A lot of us had never been to a garden centre and when we walked through the entrance and saw all the plants we were amazed and so excited!


We read the labels on the trees to see what they would grow – ‘apples’, ‘plums’, ‘oranges’!


What a wonderful array of plants and flowers – we had a hard time choosing but remembered what we wanted from our plan.

The walk back down the hill was quicker but all our legs were tired by the time we made it back to the bus stop (we had walked nearly 2 miles).

Back at nursery we looked at all our plants and put them onto our plan – ready to plant them in our planter.

Please come and have a look at it once we have put all the plants in!